Yes, I Start Yoga … A Guest Blogger

Greg's broken ankle x-ray
A realization that my body doesn’t bounce back like it used to

“That’s your thing.”  It was my continuous excuse for not taking her up on the invitation to do yoga with her.  It was the perfect response: it got me out of going, but did so by establishing that it was important that we have “her things, my things, and our things” when it came to activities.  I regret it.  I’m 35 and, although I’m not out of shape, I don’t feel like I’m in shape these days.  In March I broke my ankle; my first significant injury since high school.  Shy of a few pulled muscles, a jammed finger, and scrapes and bruises, I’ve been lucky.  Being casted and on crutches for the better part of 2 months took its toll on me and served as a reminder that my body isn’t going to heal the way it used to and I need build up the support system.

So, after years of saying no, I decided recently to try out yoga being “our thing.”  Full disclosure, the person who makes the “me” into “us” is Michelle, a certified yoga instructor and owner of this blog I am guest-writing for.  She knows I’ll be a bit of a project.  Having come off of the broken ankle with some recovery still to go, hamstrings tighter than bridge cables, and general frustration when I’m not good at something, she has her work cut out for her.  We’ve done morning sessions for about 2 weeks, 3-4 days a week, and this week my goal is to start my day with yoga at least 4 days on a consistent basis.
I’m starting off slow, five sets of sun salutation A, and I’m only at about 15 minutes.  I go to the gym for about 30-60 minutes a few mornings a week before I do yoga, so it’s not a ‘cold’ 15 minutes.  I’m enjoying it, and I can feel how yoga stretches me out and will help with building both strength and flexibility.  Hopefully over time, the more I learn and the stronger I get, I’ll begin go enjoy it even more.  Until that point, I’ll just have to remind myself that this is good for me!
I’ll keep you posted…

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