Powerful Questions that My Father Asks Me

Taiwan may be the only place on earth celebrating father’s day on August 8th.  During WWII, the Republic of China government chose a date when families could honor soldiers and fathers who died during the war.   In Chinese, number 8 is pronounced as bā (八) and the sound is similar to the informal word for father,bà (爸).  August 8th (bābā) then became official father’s day, celebrating all 爸爸(bàbà) during WWII.  Fast forward to today, the tradition of father’s day on August 8th remains in Taiwan.

IMG_0799Living outside of Taiwan for 22 years, I still call my father every father’s day.  In every phone call, my father makes his points on life with powerful questions to me.

My father always says to me that, “Knowledge can be learned from studying and reading; Wisdom can only be passed down from one’s learning from life”.  After becoming a professional coach 2 years ago and working in the corporate world for 15 years, it is my father’s powerful questions, that he learned from his life experience, that are frequently the accountability check-ins that I hold dearly to my heart.  I love my father’s 3 powerful questions, and I hope that you also find them valuable,

  • Have you taken time to recognize all of hard work you have put into your life?  It’s never easy.
  • Have you taken time to stop and look around?  Examine what the most important things are in life.
  • Have you thought about what you like to be surrounded by when you retire?  So, no regrets.

My father has been an inspiration to me; he successfully transitioned his career, from being a surgeon to an international award-winning oil painter, in his 50’s.  This father’s day will mark the 36th celebration for my father and me.  May the wisest man I’ve known have a great day – Love you bàbà.

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