What do successes look like?

I started writing this blog post from Seoul’s Incheon airport.  This Eid, I had a few moments of reflections on my life. Those moments made me smile and appreciate my family, friends, and loved ones.  And all of moments prompted me to think deeply about what successes are, or should be, in life.

To me, successes are having people you can share your feelings with, care for, work through ups and downs with, and move forward as a team to achieve what you dream of in life.  It’s not so much about the monetary or physical things.  Successes are emotional connections you make or have with one another, and that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

IMG_1916-0My husband and I finally visited Japan this Eid; nearly 5 years after our initial planned trip to Japan back in 2011.  For some reason, this trip was special to us because it felt like it was an engagement gift that we meant to give to each other back then but put on hold as the country faced the terrible tragedy of the earthquake and Fukushima disaster. We loved every moment we spent in Japan last week, immersing ourselves in a foreign culture, learning a language we couldn’t speak, and mastering the universal “finger-pointing” communication method that lead to great laughs.

We loved Japan’s rich culture and welcoming spirit.  Every Japanese person we met took such pride of his or her work.  Whether he or she cleaned public bathrooms, swept streets, or managed a booth at Osaka’s craft beer picnic, everyone wanted the best experience for others.  To me, their attentions to detail are great successes in their lives, because they care and they love.

What do successes look like to you?

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