Mentors whom We Need

My husband and I binge-watched the Star Wars movies (Episodes 3 – 6) this weekend to prepare the excitement of Star Wars The Force Awakens.  I appreciated Master Yoda’s wise words like “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose” and “Do or Do Not. There is no Try”, and they reminded me of my own mentors and their effect on me.

I have 4 formal mentors at work, both males and females.  Each of my mentors help me see things and situations in different ways, and offer advice from their experiences and share their expectations.  To me, their advice has guided me to make better decisions and set smarter priorities.  Here are top words of advice that I received from my mentors in 2015:

  • Be Authentic.  Embrace who you are.
  • Be Resourceful.  You’re expected to tie all dots together while solving problems.
  • Be able to Let Go.  Break 3 habits from 2015 and do them differently in 2016.
  • You are Not Alone.  Reach out when you need help, be it with your personal life or with work.
Earlier this year, Harvard Business Review published an article, CEOs Need Mentors Too.  The outcome of CEOs having formal mentoring arrangements were incredibly favorable.  Out of 45 CEOs HBR interviewed, “71% said they were certain that company performance had improved as a result. Strong majorities reported that they were making better decisions (69%) and more capably fulfilling stakeholder expectations (76%)”.  And to make mentorship work, mentors and mentees share “the need for relevant experience, the need for a broad perspective, and the importance of complete trust.”
I am grateful for my mentors, and treasure the relationships we have.  Do you have a mentor?  If not, I recommend you proactively seek one out.
May the Force be with you, Always!

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