Finding inner peace through Meditation

While I am writing this blog at the LAX airport, I came to realization that I am finally able to find my inner peace … through meditation.

Through out my 4 months of Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher training with DavidJi, I’ve learned about myself deeper as a person – a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a friend, a leader, a teacher, a coach,  a mentor, and a helper to others.  I also admit that I have battled my inner-self continuously on this very personal meditation journey, questioning who I am as a person and my ability to teach meditation to others.

“Why do thoughts come in and out of my mind so frequently?”, “Why do I constantly forget my own mantra after 20 minutes of meditation?”, “Some of teachings are way too spiritual for my taste.  Next!”, “This morning meditation is awesome, and hopefully tomorrow will be”, “Am I even meditating correctly right now?”

The more conflicting thoughts flying through my mind every day, the more I realize this very moment in my life is probably the first time I truly accept who I am, and incredibly am aware of my surroundings.  With these observations,  I have clarity in what keeps the fire in me, what compassion feels like, where to add values, and how to help others.

I am fortunate to be a student of DavidJi’s meditation teaching.  I hope very soon, I will be able to touch people’s hearts, like DavidJi and many other certified teachers have been.

So, it’s ok you approach meditation as a way to relief your stress in life, as long as you are willing to give it a try.  As DavidJi often says to his students, “showing up is  already 80% of efforts”.

May the force be with you!  Namaste 🙂

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