Hay House Meditation … 16 seconds to bliss with Davidji

My meditation teacher, Davidji, is doing a 4-part of free web series on cultivating mindfulness through meditation on Hay House.  I hope you will enjoy them.

So many of us in today’s world are always busy and find it hard to get our bottomless list of tasks completed. We continually hear how amazing meditation is for us, however ‘lack of time’ stops us from making it a priority.

However, what if 16 seconds is all it takes to transform a stressful situation into a peaceful one? And that same 16 seconds is all you need to start a meditation practice?  In this Hay House video series, Master Meditator, former lead educator for Chopra Center, and author of destressifying and Secrets of Meditation, davidji puts you on the path to creating the daily mindfulness practice you’ve been looking for.

Throughout these four videos, davidji guides you through fast and effective meditations you can perform anywhere. He also shares tips and techniques that over 200,000 of his students have used to build and maintain their meditation practice and therefore bring and maintain peace into their lives.

Peace is accessible to you even when facing every day stress, anxiety and pressure through the ancient art of meditation. Whether you are new or trying to build a consistent practice, there is an easy way to experience the benefits of meditation and begin releasing the demands of daily life and cultivating a sustainable meditation practice. Today, the first video of davidji’s video series introduces you to a simple 16 second exercise you can use for life’s most chaotic moments and physically, emotionally and spiritually step into your place of power.


Click Here to Play “Change Your Life in 16 seconds”.

 Throughout these unique meditations, davidji assists you in finding your inner guru while feeling nurtured by the power of your breath.  

The most successful meditators are not alone in their practice. Together they share experiences and how each of us uniquely overcome challenges and inspire each other with stories of peace.  If you know of someone who has wanted to start a meditation practice, please share this video to help them bring more peace into their life. 

Over the coming days, I will share 3 more meditation videos from davidji. In the next video he will show you how to transform any relationship in your life into a more loving one.

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