Meditation, Positivity, Relationship

Today science is finally proving what many people have believed for thousands of years. Meditation has been proven by the power of your breath to lessen worry, anxiety and impulsivity.  It increases optimism, relaxation and awareness. Creating stillness in your daily life even helps develop positive social connections.  It enhances how we communicate and connect with other people and by turning to your personal quiet, you can improve and deepen your current relationships.

In davidji’s 2nd Hay House video,  he explores the impact of meditation on relationships and gives examples of how in even the most painful of situations, meditation and presence will fill your heart with peace.  Davidji discusses the gift of other people in our lives and how you can use meditation to bring any relationship to a place of beauty.


Mending Relationship Struggles >> Click Here to Play the 2nd Video»

We all experience relationships that test our compassion and ability to love, however, through meditation, you can learn to shift all relationships into ones of loving kindness.  I hope you began integrating the exercises from the previous video and are on the path to building a continuous meditation practice.

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