The Gap in Meditation … am I doing it right?

When in meditation, there is a moment called “the gap.” This place outside of space and time is a flash of stillness and silence. It can be a goal for some meditators but if you haven’t had this experience, it can leave you feeling frustrated and asking the question “am I doing this right?” But when looked at from a different perspective, every meditation can be the perfect experience with an opportunity for deeper inner connection.
In Davidji’s Hay House 3rd video on meditation, he talks about 3 signs of meditation, and the most important one is, “Just show up”.  If you are showing up to meditation, you are doing it right.  Here are 3 signs,

  • Have thoughts … Let them come and let them go
  • Surender … Fall asleep because you are so relaxed, drifted off to sleep, or drafted between dreaming and awake state
  • Experience a flash of stillness … The gap.  You can’t know how long

3 Signs You’re Meditating Correctly >> Click Here to Play Video 3 »

The combination you experience in each meditation is a once in a lifetime moment. We all may be seeking “the gap” as our place of stillness inside the storm, but even for master meditators it isn’t an everyday experience. The more you meditate, the more confident you will become.  Meditation is proving to be a practice that brings like-minded people together.  Each of us know someone who wants to start meditating and like most of us, has struggled to find a way to fit meditation into their everyday life. So please share these videos and help others find their own path to successfully creating stillness for their life.

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