Dream BIG

This June, I returned to Taiwan for a personal leave, and had opportunities meeting working professionals (I always love meeting new people!).  We talked just about anything – life, interest, career growth, and future in Taiwan.  Despite their hard-working ethics, most of people I met somehow felt limited possibilities at where they are and their career outlooks also sounded pessimistic .

When I asked them why they felt such limitations in their career, they often replied by saying, “the environment is difficult, because …”  And then, they would go on talking about their children, schools, and their own work-life balance.

shutterstock_144636674As a coach, I always believe we all can dream BIG.  Our willingness to take risks and our tenacity can make our goals possible, regardless external boundaries.  When I think about people I met this June, I often ponder why their minds focus so much on impossibilities and negativities, rather than possibilities and positivities.

There are many examples in life, where people are able to turn a very unfortunate event into an engine for growth.

WeWork, an office-sharing company, started in 2010 with a mission to build a community for like-minded entrepreneurs.  This co-working space business model was derived during an economy down time (2008 financial crisis, 2009 Europe debt crisis, and 2010 US unemployment rate remaining high at 9.6%).  WeWork co-founders looked past obstacles (limited fundings) and turned their concept into an opportunity (a space for people to share office costs and help each other’s start-ups).

Life is a journey, and your mind is the compass, guiding you to happiness and success.  Never let external environment confine your ability to achieve your dream.  Instead, set your mind and energy on possibilities and positivities.  The minute you begin to believe in your dreams, your tenacity will follow.

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