Energy Meditation 5 Simple Steps

I am often asked by people about finding time to meditate.  To be frank, it isn’t easy for me, as I travel weekEnergy Meditation for Beginnersly for work.

I meditate at home, at hotels, in cars, in taxi and also in airplanes.  Meditating on-to-go may not be ideal to many, but to me, any minute of deep breathing helps clear my mind and brings a sense of peace to my soul.

This past Ramadan, I taught Energy Meditation at work.  Basically, 1 energy chakra meditation each day, from the root to the crown.  And, at the end of 7 days, those who attended the sessions felt differences in their bodies and minds – calm, aware, and focused.

Energy Meditation is rooted in Indian ancient wellness system, Ayurveda.  With 7 chakras (energy points) corresponding to nerve centers in your body, you visualize colors, energy and openness, while meditating.

If you are interested in exploring Energy Meditation, give it try!  Follow 5 simple steps in the infographic I put together for 6 days, and then use the 7th day to reflect on your meditation journey.

Let me know what you think and feel about Energy Meditation.


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