Turning 38 … #ShareTheJoy

img_0827I turned 38 this October.  Being in my late 30’s is exciting to me, but yet anxious (2 more years and counting, pushing for 40’s).  I am thankful and grateful for so many things in my life, including my loved ones and friends.  However, as a human being, I often look at things I haven’t accomplished yet, personally and professionally.

For my 38th birthday, my husband and I went to India for the first time, and stayed at a remote yoga and meditation eco-resort in Kerala, India.img_0925

Reconnecting our souls to our minds and bodies, I enjoyed the daily discipline – 4 hours of yoga, meditation, and vegetarian meals.  Every day at the resort, we lived simply, ate healthy, and laughed loudly.  It was pure living and happiness.

I can’t remember who said this quote, “In your 20’s, you live for others; in your 30’s, you live for career; in your 40’s, you live for self.”

In my 38th year, I am excited about learning more about myself each day, by leaning in and centering while continuing working on things that I am passionate about.  In these 2 years prior to my 40’s, I am taking advantages of time, my able-body, and willing mind, to give it all I can.

Will it make me happy and joyful?  I am not sure yet.  But one thing I am sure is that in my 40’s, I will be living for self, smiling, and satisfied.

“We, as human beings, are meant for infinite. True happiness are within ourselves … kindness and love.” – Desmond Tutu and Dalai Lama


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