Give Hugs and Listen More

Watching the US election live in Dubai, November 9th was a hard day for me.  Especially, when my coworkers told me that their children crying on phones with fear, the only thing I could do at that moment was to give my coworkers hugs and listen to them.

I became a US citizen in 2000.  Ever since 2000, I have voted in every general election.  I was beyond proud of being an Asian-American.  The US is so special to me, as it’s where I got my eduction, built my career, and met my other half.  Living in New York also taught me so much, embracing all genders, ages, races, religions, and sexual orientations.  Moreover, the city shaped me to be tenacious and open-minded.

2016 Election result remains a shock to me, as so many of my core values are not represented by the president elect.  However, I respect the democratic system and accept the outcome.

At the time of uncertainty, let’s focus on what we can control, love one another, and remove discriminations around us.  We must be willing to listen to each other, without using violence or hatred languages, regardless our own opinions.  So today, hug someone who has different views from you, and just listen.

Let me leave you with one thought from Desmond Tutu and Dalai lama, “The greatest joy is when we seek to do good to the others … about well-being of others”.

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