This Thanksgiving

This year will mark my family’s 5th Thanksgiving in the Middle East.

March 2012 seems like just yesterday.   I left my job in Connecticut, said goodbye to my friends and families, emptied our apartment on 92nd & 2nd, and boarded Qatar Airways from New York to Doha, with my beloved dog, the Taco.

304594_10150287169521969_614581968_8007089_3853554_nNow writing this post in Doha, I feel so much gratitudes.  This thanksgiving, I am thankful for,

  • The Taco … we miss you everyday. You taught us to be better people.  Your unconditional love and selective hearing continue making us smile.
  • My other half and families … you have been here and there for me.  You are the corner stones of my life.
  • My mentors and coach … you challenge my thinking process and my courage.  Every year I feel I grow so much professionally and personally.
  • My team at work … you give your 110% to our company and our team.  Your creativity inspires me, and your ability to go above & beyond wows me every time.
  • My coaching clients & yoga students … I feel so fortunate to partner with you and share moments with you.

So this holiday season, take a moment and say thanks to those you love and cherish.

Are you in?

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