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Learn about Ourselves

I just finished 2.5 weeks of leadership trainings in the US.  To many, an opportunity of being at GE’s Crotonville Leadership Training Center is incredibly rewarding.  To me, the experience is a great moment to get to know myself at a deeper level, and prioritize what is truly important in life.

Each of participants at the training had detailed analysis of Emergenetics, a measurable analysis that combines human behavior and thinking patterns.  Instead of changing our weaker behavior traits, we should be more aware of our dominant behaviors and mindful of our thinking patterns impacting our interactions with others.

My Emergenetics results are somehow a surprise to me, and my dominate behaviors certainly describe how I am at work and at home.  Knowing myself through a scientific and measurable tool is refreshing, and yet creepy at the same time.  Regardless, I appreciate any opportunity that I can get to know myself more and embrace my weaknesses.

There are so many moments in life that are magical.  Not only these moments bring us appreciations, but also self-reflections.

I have been looking for a tibetan singing bowl for sometime, and finding the sound I can connect to during meditation is very important to me.  I met the shop keeper, Sam, at Mandala Tibetan Store in New York City.  He patiently taught me how to let the bowl sing to me (instead of me making the bowl sing), and how I should think about meditation.  What he said to me is something I would treasure for a long time, “our minds are used to solve problems, not to keep problems.  Meditate everyday.  Reflect today and let go.  Start your tomorrow a fresh day.”

Thank you, Sam.  I am grateful for your message.


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