Time Management

Since 2015, I have taken on 2 female mentees in Qatar and UAE.  And, I have to say that my mentees teach me so much, and I love their bluntness and their willingness to better themselves.

One of my mentees recently asked me how to improve her time management, as she is going through heavy university courses while leading a student club and volunteering in her community.  My advice to my mentee:  self-evaluate, self-discipline, and self-rewarding.

Let’s say we sleep 6-8 hours a day, 2 hours daily commute, and 2 – 3 hours eating meals.  Then, we truly only leave with 12 hours a day to work or do things.  So, how do we maximize 12 hours to the fullest impact that satisfies ourselves?

3 things I recommended to my mentees,


Have a checklist for a week, and do the checklist at the beginning of the week.  Evaluate the list based on time required and importance of each, against your goal.  In my mentee’s case, her goal is to have good grades.  So, she would evaluate each task based on how it contributes to her overall GPA.  For subject that she is expertise in and requires less time, she would do them first to boost her mood, and then move onto more difficult tasks, broken down into achievable milestones across several days.

Time Discipline

Set 15 – 30 minutes aside to do things she enjoys, and then discipline with time.  In my mentee’s case, she loves playing video games every day because gaming relaxes her after a long day of school.  She should continue her hobby in gaming, but however, when time is up, she must walk away from playing and refocus her energy back onto her tasks.

Reward Self

After checking off a few lists at the end of each day, give self a small reward.  It could be something that makes you feel satisfied, like a cup of your favorite tea or a bar of chocolate.

We are in the driver seat to control our time.  So, let our day to be so satisfying that we smile.

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