Productivity Tools that Make Life Simple

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-40-26-amEvery year I search a new way of managing things in life, in order to remain motivated, informed, and paperless.  I have tried out various notebooks, sticky notes, iOS apps, or even voice recording.  After so many trials and errors, I finally have a list of productivity tools that I can’t live without and go paperless.  Here they are,

  • WhatsApp:  I travel across the globe, and WhatsApp is the only messenger that people can’t live without.  It’s easy to use and fun.  You can create private groups that people can share, chat, and record.
  • iPadPro:  The magical 12.9′”tablet has truly enabled me to go paperless.  The screen is the same size as A4 paper and since 2016, I am able to draw and make notes, with enough space on the screen, both for work and personal.
  • Evertnote:  I have been a fan of Evernote for years.  Not only taking notes with my apple pencil (different colors of note-taking and text highlight), but also journaling wherever I am.  With free 2 downloads on any devices, I have Evernote on my iPadPro and iPhone, and access notes on-the-go.
  • Paper53:  This is my favorite app for drawing, doing my weekly checklist, and designing.  The app has pre-installed templates which have been integrated into my daily work.
  • Box:  I have box linked to Microsoft Office.  So I can add and edit in words or ppt, and changes are directly saved in Box.  I also have all my team members load their documents into Box, so I can access them anytime.  I particularly love offline and “read” features in Box.  Love it!
  • Deliveroo:  I have tried Deliveroo whenever I work till late evening in Dubai.  With AED7 delivery fee, this is a genius way to try out all types of cuisines in Dubai and super easy to use the app.  Deliveroo delivers meals to home, work places, or even hotels.

What are your secrete weapons to stay productive?  Share with me.  I love to also learn from you.

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