Creating a yoga practice space while traveling

Since last year, I have been spending 50% of my time traveling for work.  Packing a week’s worth of daily necessities in a carry-on suitcase has become one of my super skills.  I am able to de-clutter my mind and sense happiness, with just the right travel yoga essentials by my side.

One-third of my carry-on suitcase is now my yoga travel kit,

  • Yogo yoga mat: the most compact yoga mat I have ever had.  The environmentally-conscious yoga mat folds up like a newspaper and is made of 100% recycled material.
  • Yoga Buckle Strap: this cotton strap comes in handy, especially after a long flight. I use the strap to stretch tightness of my hamstrings and release muscle tension.
  • Travel Humidifier: I travel in the Middle East frequently and this Air-O-Swiss humidifier generates enough moisture in the air to help me breath better during sleep and when I practice.
  • Comfortable Active Wear:  I always pack a pair of yoga pants and a yoga top that bring me comfort.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 5.02.36 AMEvery morning in a foreign country, I would section out a dedicated space (ideally with natural light by the window) for yoga practice in my hotel room.  With my own yoga kits and personal space, I am able to clear my mind, set my practice intention, and enjoy an hour-long session of guided yoga.

  • Free Yoga Guided Classes:  Being a level-2 Astanga practitioner, both Pranidhi Varshney’s Astanga 50-minutes practice and Max Czenczak’s Astanga primary class have been my favorite classes on the road.  If you just begin your yoga practice, I would suggest following beginner guided classes on YouTube that are 15-20 minutes long and with lots of verbal instructions.

For all of travel yoga warriors, having a “you” space to practice can be very special, peaceful, and personal.  I hope this yoga travel blog provides you an idea to create smiles and peace for your next trip.


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