Do what you love for living

I like Greece, a country filled with so much history, beauty, culture, and kindness.  The unemployment rate in Greece is at 23%.  On the street of Athens, it’s not hard to spot economical stress in people’s eyes.  Yet, it’s also not hard to feel Greek people’s determinations and passions for what they do for living, especially small business owners.

My husband and I always love exploring boutique shops in countries we visit.  While in Greece, we tasted the best coffee and hot chocolate in Athens, and the best home-cooked Greek food in Nafplio.  Each place we tried, we experienced shop owners’ detail to attention in food we received.  An that makes me ponder, “Can people be happy, if they do what they love for living? Even though the environment may seem difficult or income may not come in as much as the past.” By observing Greece’ business owners, the answer seems to be yes.

Life is busy and fast.  Oftentimes, we live each day to the fullest, without taking a time to think deeper, breath longer, or even smile bigger to things we love and people we care.

If you feel life is going by too fast, take a deep breath now and just look around your surroundings.  Take a moment to clear your mind and listen to your own breath, going in and out of you nose.  Close your eyes and breath deeper and longer for a few minutes.  When you feel calm, open your eyes and ask yourself, “Are you doing what you are passionate about for living?”, “Are you doing what makes you happy?”, “Are you doing what impacts others?”, and “Are you doing what you love in life?”

It’s ok if your answers are yes, no, or maybe.  The most important thing is that you are honest to yourself, regarding where you are and how you feel.

I love John Lasseter’s quote on doing what you love for living, “Do what you are passionate about.  You never have to feel you work one day in your life.”

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