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Minimalist Guide for Business Travel Packing

Ever since I was a child, I have loved flying.  Experiencing an airplane taking off from the runway and marching into the sky is my favorite moment of any travel.  Plus, the feeling of gazing the cloud in the sky gives me a sense of present moment and stillness.

I fly every week for work, and packing efficiently has become one of my obsessions.  Interestingly enough, I observe that when I pack minimalist-ly, I do feel content and energized during my entire trip.

What does packing minimalist-ly mean?  It means to pack items that only serve a need during the trip and spark happiness when I use or wear them.  After many trials and errors, here is my formula for minimalist travel by leveraging 5 must-have,

  1. Underseat carry-on: Travelon wheeled luggage is my go-to suitcase for any trips less than 5 days, and it fits under an airline seat.  I usually pack 1 pair of pants, 2 scarfs, and 3 tops.  Just to keep my daily wear selection simple and straight-forward.
  2. Suit Cover:  I use suit/dress covers that clothing stores usually give out when you purchase items from them.  I tend to pack 1 to 2 suits or dresses in the suit cover.
  3. Make-Up Case:  I only pack items I need.  And all makeups must fit into a pocket-size cosmetic bag.
  4. Toiletry Bag: Organization is the key. Just like packing make-up, all items must fit into the bag.
  5. Travel Humidifier:  Having moist air helps me sleep soundly at night.  I have been using BONECO for over 3 years, and certainly one of the best travel investments I have made.

There isn’t really a scientific proof that being a minimalist correlates to happiness.  However, I do believe that traveling with minimal items that serve a need is stress-free and easy.  Hence, happiness and contentment in me during any trips.

Give minimalist-packing a try.  Maybe traveling lightly will surprise you.

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