Yoga Sequence On-The-Go

Whenever I am not traveling and working in Dubai, I practice Mysore 1 to 2 times a week at Ashtanga Yoga Dubai studio.  Mysore is very personal and special to me.  I practice at my own speed along with other yogis in the same space, and with senior teachers adjusting my form, I can go deeper and calmer in each pose (asanas).

Being a vinyasa yoga teacher, keeping myself motivated to practice yoga constantly has been a learning journey, and to be honest, it isn’t easy.

After months of searching and “crowd-sourcing”, I was finally able to have the right formula to keep my morning practice consistent while on the go.

I put together youtube playlists, consisted of Sarath Jois’ guided classes and AshtangaYoga World’s beautiful opening and closing mantras.  I found that I was able to go through all guided sequence in the playlist, without rushing through poses; and after practicing, I felt a sense of calmness.

I just made my playlists public, and hopefully, you can also enjoy these beautiful yoga sequence wherever you are.

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