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How I changed my wellbeing

I decided to make a change in my own wellbeing, while I was on a trip in Italy in 2012 and in between jobs.

If you had asked me 6 years ago what wellbeing looked like, I would have described an image of a confident woman or man, who looked well-built and active, with a big smile on her or his face at all time.  And, that was an image many New Yorkers, including myself, were chasing.  Fast-forward to today, if you ask me the same question regarding wellbeing, I would certainly describe a woman or man, regardless her or his body shape and size, who feels comfortable, healthy, and happy.

What changes how I see wellbeing?

Long answer short, a series of personal and professional events that had huge impacts on me and I knew I needed a change.  I wanted to feel comfortable (with self and surroundings), healthy (inside out), and happy (for self and others), regardless what circumstances in life.

Instead of going to wellness retreats, I did coaches’ and teachers’ certification trainings.  I got myself certified as a professional coach in 2014 and an ICF coach in 2017.  And, then a certified 200-hour yoga teacher in 2015 and a certified meditation teacher in 2016.

To be frank, my own wellbeing took years to change (well, I think “evolve” is probably a better choice of word).  I’ve noticed 3 big shifts in my own wellbeing,

  1. detachment … I used to spend hours and hours, dwelling on something that didn’t go my way.  I was not flexible and my expectations were either black or white.  I could still recall many nights that I could not fall asleep because of an uncertainty at work or a disagreement with families.  Ever since I began practicing meditation, I’ve learned how to let go of negativity and doubts, and only focus on what is in front of me.
  2. sense of positivity … I have many heart-breaking moments in life.  The hardest one I’ve gone through is an unexpected surgery, followed by medical leave in 2014.  Since then, I routinely go through minor surgical procedures because of my medical condition.  Yoga has been my tool that helps me accept my body limitations and recognize my strengths, physically and emotionally.  The beauty of asana-style yoga is that each pose can be felt differently each day.  One day your body can be felt stiff and a pose becomes difficult; another day your body learns your routine and a pose becomes natural.  Yoga gives me the ability to accept variations in life.  Simply put, a more positive outlook.
  3. peace of mind … when I turned 36 a few years go, I felt panic.  I had a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish before turing 40.  Even though many were reached by then, my mind was so narrowing in on a few that failed, to a point that I felt my life was stalled.  Slowly through coaching, I have been able to put clarity back in life and work on true goals that give me happiness.  Not to confuse goals with actions, I focus on the big goal (the big picture).  And, each step I take, I gain peace of mind in my own progress.

I am grateful to share my story with you.  Especially how coaching, yoga, and meditation change my wellbeing, and give me a sense of calmness, contentment, and peace.

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