Wearable Tech and Wellbeing

Even though I work in the technology field, I am actually a Gen-2 adopter.  I got my first wearable tech 9 months ago, nearly 6 years after wearable devices first became mainstream for personal computing and fitness tracking in 2010s.

I got Fitbit Charge 2  for wellness purpose, as I wanted data to analyze my wellbeing, such as daily steps, hours of sound sleep, calories burned from yoga practice and walks, and notifications when stress occurred.  However, after one month of consistently wearing Fitbit Charge 2 , I took it off and rarely wore it.  I found myself so obsessed with collecting my fitness and bio data, to a point that I felt my wearable was controlling my body, rather than my mind directing my wellbeing.

Beecham Research has done an amazing explanation on wearable tech, especially usage purposes, applications, and functions (see chart).

A week ago, I put on Fitbit Charge 2 again because I made an effort to shift my purpose of having a wearable from “wellness” to “lifestyle computing”.  Surprisingly, I observed that with Fitbit, I am more organized with my schedule and spending less screen time on my phone, while the mean time, not obsessed with biometric data.

Wearable technology is meant to help human beings improve wellbeing and bring so much more benefits to the world.  So, my advice to all: leverage technology wisely and take time to ask yourself, “what is the purpose of this technology that serve me?”  And always, invite technology to enhance your lifestyle, instead of letting it control you.

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