Minimalist Packing Guide for Leisure Travel

My husband and I recently took a trip to Azerbaijan for a 5-day holiday.  This trip, I wanted to test myself to pack like a minimalist for leisure travel, which means that I could only carry a backpack and a handbag.  No check-in at the airport counter and no stress over space of overhead bins.

I recently shared my minimalist guide for 5-day business travel packing.  For some reason, I observe that I haven’t applied similar minimalist mindset to my leisure travels.   Hence, I often end up carrying 20% of stuff that I’ve never used or worn during a trip.

I talked about packing minimalist-ly for business travel, and that means only taking items that serve a need and spark happiness when you use or wear them.  And for leisure travel, packing minimalist-ly means only carrying things that serve a need, and which should make you feel free and light through out a trip.

This Azerbaijan holiday travel proves that I could pack minimalist-ly.  Every item in my backpack was used throughout 5 days.  And, to my own surprise, 1 backpack is just the right size to train my brain to limit things that I truly need and feel good about.


So, there!

My formula of minimalist packing for leisure travel,
  • Cotton T-Shirts:  Bring 1 t-shirt for each of your travel day.  T-shirts are the lightest to pack and the best back-up plan.  I love v-neck t-shirts which can go either informal or formal these days.  Bring both dark and light colors, and both long and short sleeves.
  • Yoga Pants:  Bring a pair of yoga pants.  It’s light to pack and can serve like leggings.
  • Scarves:   Bring 2 scarves , 1 cotton and 1 silk, to combat coldness on the plane and upscale for a formal look at dinner.
  • Dress:  Bring 1 nylon knee-length dress that can be folded.  Nylon is so versatile and no ironing required.
  • Foldable Ballet flats:  Bring 1 pair of dark color foldable flats.   Leave your high heels at home, really!
  • Wear Heavier Clothing on the plane:  to conserve space in the backpack and keep yourself warm, wear heavier items, like jeans, jackets, sneakers, etc, when you are on the plane.

Happy travel, all!  Minimalist-ly and freely.

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