Moving Forward toward Goals

The past 6 weeks went by so fast, and I felt these time have been so fruitful, yet intense.  Since September, I had 4 speaking engagements, co-hosted 1 Facebook Live, conducted 1 workshop, attended the largest technology conference, and plus, all of projects I have at work.   Phew, high-five to myself!

Because we are human and we have the need to feel that we are moving forward in our lives, having bite-size milestones for each of our goals can help us see progress that are sometimes hard to spot.  I often advice my coaching clients to set up tangible and measurable goals at the beginning of the year (or if you have not yet set up goals, then just commit to 1 personal or 1 professional goal for the next 6 months).  Once you have your goals set, then work on just 1 – 2 goals in each quarter (every 3 months), so you don’t overwhelm yourself with your own ambition to achieve all in one shot.

I took a look at 2017 goals that I set up for myself at the beginning of the year, and all of baby steps that I’ve made till now are progress I can see and feel.  Here are two of my past 6 weeks’ moments that I want to share with you,

        • My first TEDTalk on the importance of Mentorship at TEDxWomen in Dubai

    • Facebook Live on how coaching can change your life, with my good friend Andrea Gemma, who is also an ICF certified coach.


Yes, there are some moments I wish I could have had a chance to re-do and improve myself even more.  However, the ability to let go certainly has been my saving grace, in order for me to remove those negativity from my mind.

“if you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney.

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