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Check out my recent Facebook Live interview with Karin Socci, the founder of The Serene Home.  Karin is a certified platinum KonMari consultant, who currently holds the highest certification level on konmari.com.

I’ve known Karin since we went to grad school together (I think it’s been 10 years) and I am so honored to have her share her expertise and knowledge on the power of organization and tidying that help people let things go and move them forward to the “person” they want to become.  It’s so powerful to hear KonMari method has changed so many people’s lives, and I really hope you find this FBLive session motivational.

Karin shared that a few tips on how to start with KonMari method,

  • categorize, sort, and then organize (in this order) … let things go with appreciation
  • ensure things you keep are visible to your eyes
  • spark joy has a click point that brings you comfort level with what you have
  • if sharing the space with others, KonMari you own things first
  • read KonMari books

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