Hay House Meditation … 16 seconds to bliss with Davidji

My meditation teacher, Davidji, is doing a 4-part of free web series on cultivating mindfulness through meditation on Hay House.  I hope you will enjoy them. So many of us in today’s world are always busy and find it hard to get our bottomless list of tasks completed. We continually hear how amazing meditation is… Continue reading Hay House Meditation … 16 seconds to bliss with Davidji


Finding inner peace through Meditation

While I am writing this blog at the LAX airport, I came to realization that I am finally able to find my inner peace … through meditation. Through out my 4 months of Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher training with DavidJi, I’ve learned about myself deeper as a person – a daughter, a wife,… Continue reading Finding inner peace through Meditation

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Creating Awareness in Daily life

Last night, I had a “lengthy” discussion with my husband regarding public perceptions of the words, Awareness and Self-Awareness.  In his mind, both words sound like a textbook-term and also hard for the public to relate to. Let’s take a look at definitions according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Awareness  is the knowledge or perception of a situation… Continue reading Creating Awareness in Daily life