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Creating Awareness in Daily life

Last night, I had a “lengthy” discussion with my husband regarding public perceptions of the words, Awareness and Self-Awareness.  In his mind, both words sound like a textbook-term and also hard for the public to relate to. Let’s take a look at definitions according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Awareness  is the knowledge or perception of a situation… Continue reading Creating Awareness in Daily life

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The Coach’s Table Interview – Greg’s transition

Professional transitions take lots of courage and it’s possible at any age.  The journey of career transition can be magical and exciting, but also nerve-racking. Greg B. took a leap of faith in his late 20’s, and switched his career from corporate to higher education.  His story is inspirational and I hope you find his… Continue reading The Coach’s Table Interview – Greg’s transition


Remain Strong in 2015

Remember the coaching exercise I challenged you to do at the beginning of year 2015?  List out a few actions that you are comfortable with, and align them to an outcome that you desire.​Do you feel satisfied with progress you have made so far?No matter what you answer might be, let’s pause and re-examine your goal once more by asking yourself a few questions: On… Continue reading Remain Strong in 2015