Our Inner Black Swan

I was grateful for an opportunity to share my leadership journey with more than 50 high school students and school administrators at Qatar Leadership Conference (#QLC15) in Doha this past weekend.  The QLC annual conference provides quality workshops in leadership skills and tools to high school students and teachers, and this year, more than 700 participants attended #QLC15… Continue reading Our Inner Black Swan


Powerful Questions that My Father Asks Me

Taiwan may be the only place on earth celebrating father’s day on August 8th.  During WWII, the Republic of China government chose a date when families could honor soldiers and fathers who died during the war.   In Chinese, number 8 is pronounced as bā (八) and the sound is similar to the informal word for… Continue reading Powerful Questions that My Father Asks Me

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Creating Awareness in Daily life

Last night, I had a “lengthy” discussion with my husband regarding public perceptions of the words, Awareness and Self-Awareness.  In his mind, both words sound like a textbook-term and also hard for the public to relate to. Let’s take a look at definitions according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Awareness  is the knowledge or perception of a situation… Continue reading Creating Awareness in Daily life