10-Minute Yoga to Reduce Workplace Stress

Every January, major magazines throughout the world publish stress-related articles with good intentions.  Often, they try to empathize the importance of well-being, and heavy costs that U.S. corporations are paying to address employees’ stress at work.  In 2015, Forbes estimated workplace stress are costing up to $190B in annual U.S. healthcare spending, because stress could lead to trouble… Continue reading 10-Minute Yoga to Reduce Workplace Stress

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Creating Awareness in Daily life

Last night, I had a “lengthy” discussion with my husband regarding public perceptions of the words, Awareness and Self-Awareness.  In his mind, both words sound like a textbook-term and also hard for the public to relate to. Let’s take a look at definitions according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  Awareness  is the knowledge or perception of a situation… Continue reading Creating Awareness in Daily life