Meditation, Positivity, Relationship

Today science is finally proving what many people have believed for thousands of years. Meditation has been proven by the power of your breath to lessen worry, anxiety and impulsivity.  It increases optimism, relaxation and awareness. Creating stillness in your daily life even helps develop positive social connections.  It enhances how we communicate and connect… Continue reading Meditation, Positivity, Relationship


Hay House Meditation … 16 seconds to bliss with Davidji

My meditation teacher, Davidji, is doing a 4-part of free web series on cultivating mindfulness through meditation on Hay House.  I hope you will enjoy them. So many of us in today’s world are always busy and find it hard to get our bottomless list of tasks completed. We continually hear how amazing meditation is… Continue reading Hay House Meditation … 16 seconds to bliss with Davidji


Our Inner Black Swan

I was grateful for an opportunity to share my leadership journey with more than 50 high school students and school administrators at Qatar Leadership Conference (#QLC15) in Doha this past weekend.  The QLC annual conference provides quality workshops in leadership skills and tools to high school students and teachers, and this year, more than 700 participants attended #QLC15… Continue reading Our Inner Black Swan