Professional Coaching

What can you expect?  

Michelle will …

  • help you define who and how you are in your current state
  • help you define new, transformative state you would like to have … life, growth, or anything that you decide
  • listen & reflect … to help you explore deeper thinking and rediscover your inner-self
  • co-create actions that are meaningful to you
  • support your self-rediscovery journey

How does the program run?

Awareness, focus, and accountability are 3 main key success pillars that you need, in order to redefine your purpose in life, rediscover your inner-self, and find your true passions.  Michelle’s coaching program provides you all 3 success pillars, and her coaching approach is uniquely designed for each individual client.

  • Three 45-minutes individual coaching sessions (in-person or Skype), to set your intention toward the life or career you dream of, to define clear and measurable goals, and to co-recreate actions to move you forward
  • Two Accountability (Skype) check-Ins to help support your journey
  • One custom-designed workbook to build greater awareness, and to contemplate inner-self

Program Fees:
A 30-minute coaching intention and discovery session is Free.  If you feel Michelle’s coaching approach is right for you and you are committed to make a change now, the 3-month coaching program fees are USD $550 (AED2,000).

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