Together, we can make a difference!

Since high-school, I have been passionate about helping people,

  • Supporting more women in the technology field … Start with girls and support them in their STEM journey
  • Helping people get access to healthcare and doctors
  • Helping people find their inner peace … body, mind, goals, and balance

I find my inspiration in life when I am able to help others in one way or the other.  Here are my favorite 2 charities, Girls who Code and Doctors without Borders.

What are your passions and inspirations in life?

– Michelle

Girls Who Code

In 1984, 37% of all computer science graduates were women, but today that number is just 18%. 20% of AP Computer Science test-takers are female, and 0.4% of high school girls express interest in majoring in Computer Science. What’s going on?

Girls Who Code believes to close the gender gap in technology, we have to inspire girls to pursue computer science by exposing them to real life and on screen role models. We engage engineers, developers, executives, and entrepreneurs to teach and motivate the next generation. Our guest speakers, mentors, and instructors are leaders in their fields, working in positions our girls aspire to attain.  Consider getting involved by visiting  (note: content taken from Girls who Code website)

Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Boarders is a not-for-profit organization that help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care.

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